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morgueFile contains free high-resolution digital stock photographs and reference images for either corporate or public use. The official purpose of the morgueFile image resource is one of providing free image reference materials for all creative pursuits.

PixelPerfect Digital

PixelPerfect Digital is an image archive with over 4,000 images sorted in 146 categories free for commercial and non-commercial use. The newest files appear on the gallery home page and randomly selected images on the bottom of the page. You can stay on top of the newest files by subscribing to the RSS feed.


The Open Photo Project is a stock photo community and framework.Its purpose is to allow photographers to share and protect their works through Creative Commons licensing where you can view photo thumbnails by license.

Image After

Image*After is a free online photo collection. Download and use any image or texture from the site to use in person or commercial work per the terms of use. At the top is a drop-down list for browsing images and textures by category or you can use the search box. This well-organized library can be sorted in different ways and the thumbnail pages include the image's dimensions, number of hits and file size. Plus, you can select how many images to display on each page and even make the thumbnails larger by clicking on the magnifying glass.

PDPhoto is a repository for free public domain photos. It contains about 2,000 photographs under a many categories. One person has taken most of the photos.


Stockvault is a stock photo resource which offers medium-sized images for personal and non-commercial use. Stockvault has evolved from and features images from various photographers, both professional and amateur.

49PM Photo Search

49PM's Photo Search is a free online service that allows you to search the Internet for photos that can be immediately viewed and saved on your mobile phone.

Buzznet is an online photo-sharing community that allows its members (registration free) to upload images from mobile phones, and post, syndicate and republish digital photos in their blogs. For RSS feeds, look at the bottom of each user page, gallery, community gallery and friends listing.

Ourmedia is a (still in alpha) non-commercial free clearinghouse for all rich-media content for sharing, re-use and enjoyed by as many people as possible.


Apparently the brainchild of a busy traveling English photographer, Ian Britton, FreeFoto is an online resource providing showcase for a many photographic images for which, in spite of the site name, there are strong usage restrictions.

CC Search

The Creative Commons Search engine specializes in finding different content on the Web, which have been published with a Creative Commons license allowing re-use, and in some cases even modifying the work.

Gimp Savvy

The photo archive at contains over 27,000 free photos and images. The images come from three sources: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Though the photos are copyright free, be aware some restrictions apply.

DHD Multimedia Gallery

This isn't a fancy site, but its photos are free for personal and commercial use. However, be sure to read its terms and conditions. You can browse collections by category, new entries and best photos. Each photo includes information on the date added to the collection, size, image type and rating. Also, the photo details page has the photo's copyright information.

Free Photographs Network

Free Photographs Network is a resource for royalty-free stock photographs available for non-commercial use. If you use any of the photographs from the site, you're agreeing to abide by international copyright law. Its terms of service outlines the rules for using the photos from the site. You can browse collections by category or use the search tool. is a resource for free photography for personal or commercial use. There are some restrictions in using photos from the site such as retaining the domain name when using the photo on the Internet, in a Web page, in printed publications or in any product, advertising or packaging. Categories include animals, Christian, Egypt, Israel, Near East, Rome, scenery, sky/weather and wildflower/plants. has over 2500 stock photos. To ensure following the Web site's rules for using its images, read the terms and conditions to ensure following the Web site's rules for using its images. The home page lists the top three galleries, which is currently the home, financial, and flora. Search for photos by clicking on gallery, which takes you to the gallery's index of images. The gallery index page has a search tool for keyword searches. When you select a thumbnail from the gallery page, the picture appears in its full size and doesn't have information. has over 2300 stock photos. Note this one is and it's not the same site as the one from the UK. You can read the terms and conditions to verify the rules for using the site's photos. Search for images by using the search tool or you can browse the directory by category. At the top of the category page are links to view photos that have been submitted in the last day, last seven days, last 14 days or all images. Be warned there are roughly 200 pages of thumbnails to go through if you select the All Images link. is a repository of photos organized by categories and sub-categories. Each sub-category has a brief description about the category. The main categories are America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Pacific, Themes and Miscellaneous. When selecting a category, a page with its description and its sub-categories appears. For example, if you select Themes and then Aviation, the description references the Wright brothers and Charles Lindbergh. Some of the sub-category / thumbnail pages have tips and information related to photography.

Geek Philosopher Stock Photos

Geek Philosopher has a collection of photos, backgrounds and wallpaper organized in nine main categories with subcategories. If you use an image, the site requires you to include a link to GeekPhilosopher. According to the site, you are free to do whatever you want with these photos except redistribute them. Learn more by checking out the terms and conditions.

Barry's Free Photos

Barry's Free Photos has over 2300 free and royalty-free stock photos organized by many categories and subcategories. Click on "more" from the home page under Free Stock Photos on the left to see the list of categories and how many photos are available for each. You can also enter keywords into the search box to find photos.

Holy Land Photos

Holy Land Photos has over 2400 photos related to the holy lands. The photos represent a diversity of religions with photos sorted into three categories: daily life and artifacts, people and region. Regions cover Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Israel, Turkey and Greece. Either browse or use the search tool to find pictures. The home page has a link for viewing the latest images. It takes you to the What's New page that displays thumbnails and the title, date added, and keywords for each. You can expand the time frame of when new photos were added to 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month or 2 months.

Aarin Free Photo and Digital Images

Aarin Free Photo and Digital Images offers over 950 free photos and images for personal and commercial use. You may download and use the images on your Web site, print ads, brochures or any other end products as long as you display the copyright information per the Web site. Start by clicking on the new images or Free Photo Gallery.

Photo Rogue

The gallery lists the requests from newest to oldest. Each request includes the request, the date of the request, the number of photos in the album and the number of times it has been viewed. Open the album to see its thumbnail images and click on an image to view its full size. The site lets you comment on pictures and it has an RSS feed available. offers over 1000 royalty free photos with no usage restrictions for Web site or print work use. The site doesn't ask for reciprocal links or credits. Photographers who submit photos have a chance to win prizes and here are the Terms of Service and Upload Rules for photographers. Search photos or browse by category, most downloaded, highest votes, members, folders and new photos.

Free Stock Photos is a collection of (what else?) free stock photos available for use in personal and commercial design projects as long as the terms of use are followed. The images are sorted by category, but the category pages don't have thumbnails. Instead, each image appears with related information as you scroll down the page. They also ome in multiple sizes for downloading.

tOfz dot org

tOfz dot org is one photographer's collection of everyday urban life. Jeremie Zimmerman, the person behind the site, sorts his photos by location and categories. He shares his favorites. You can search by keywords or click on *coma* to get a randomly selected photo.


FreeMediaGOO has a collection of royalty free images, audio, textures, and Flash available for commercial and private user ree of charge except for propaganda, adult or suggestive materials. Credit for the images is not necessary. The images are sorted by category, which include beach, aviation, buildings, finance, sports, foods, digital factory and others. Find original and awe-inspiring digital images in the digital factory category.

AMG Media Works, Inc. Free Photos

AMG Media Works Inc. is a design and photography service company that offers free stock photos for your use as long as you give credit to the photographer, Ernest von Rosen. Photos are sorted into categories, which include miscellaneous object photos, cool object photos, funky stuff, table top objects, desktop objects, fruits and vegetables and flowers. Here's a place to find images other than the popular scenery and landscape photos. This site offers a small, high quality and eclectic collection.

USDA ARS Image Gallery

The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) image gallery is a complimentary collection of over 2,000 high quality digital photographs related to agriculture. The 72dpi images are available for direct download in three sizes. High-resolution (300dpi) digital images are also available from each caption page for direct download.

Creating Online Gallery

Creating Online Stock Photos Gallery is a free stock photo gallery of over 500 photos, most of which have been taken by Pamela Auer Roth. Photos are free for personal or commercial use as explained in the Terms of Use. Photos are sorted by categories and each has a specific number of albums and files as shown on the gallery's home page.


yotophoto is a search engine for finding free photos. The nice thing about it is that it searches multiple photo collection sites, so it may make a good starting point when you're looking for something specific. Enter a keyword into the search box and the results display thumbnails along with the copyright information. The tool finds 351 images for the word "apple." Each image provides the site from where it came, size and license information. is a free picture archive of over 500 license-free photos. All pictures can be used without a credit or a reference. Though the site is primarily in German, those who don't know German shouldn't have a problem finding something since the categories and navigation are in English. The search tool and its results are in German, but you can use English keywords. The quality of the photos are worth looking pass the minor language barrier.


Woophy has a collection of over 23,000 photos from around the world and over 4300 cities are represented. You can search by city, country, category keywords or member to find photos. The categories are animals, culture, landmarks & buildings, objects and people. You can also limit the search results by date and sort by number of views.


ImageBase is a collection of over a few hundred photos on nature, people, city, and objects taken by presumably one person, David Niblack. Though a small database in comparison to others, you can expect to find quality photos here. The site clearly states that "all images are 100% free to use." Click on one of the categories to view its thumbnail images on the left side of the screen and the currently selected photo in full size on the right side.

Free Stock Photos from Cepolina Photos

Free Stock Photos from Cepolina Photos contains over 1900 photos by three photographers covering mostly nature and geography. You can search photos by category, thumbnails or keywords. The thumbnails page shows about 100 photos and when you select one, its details includes the album and category names with links so you can explore more similar photos.

Pictures from Old Books

Pictures from Old Books is a unique collection of over 800 images scanned from old books that are public domain (copyright-free or out of copyright) unless otherwise noted. The site has many pictures of castles, abbeys and old houses. The home page has new images on the left side or you can use the search tool with various options to find pictures.

Majestic Imagery

Majestic Imagery has a collection of over 400 royalty free photos organized by categories. The terms of use require that those who use photos give proper credit with a link back to the site. Find new photos by browsing the categories, which have a number next to their names to find out how many photos are in each category.


Photocase contains a repository of photos and a community that includes forums, polls, buddy lists and user profiles. The site was formerly located at, so if you've been there - check your bookmarks to ensure it's updated.


Visipix is an art museum, clip art, and photo gallery with around 100,000 exhibits. If you publish the photos, the site requires crediting the authors and somewhere near the pictures. Per the copyright page, all copyrights are free. However, they can't be used in the sex industry or in the promotion of tobacco and alcohol. is a repository of over 1400 public domain images for your use. You're allowed to download, copy and use the photos for any purpose. Photos from from photographers around the world. The site has eight top-level albums (categories) and 27 in total ranging from activities to textures.


ArtFavor has a collection of vector and flash clipart, sounds, fonts, photos, pictures and images that the site indicates, "All artwork and sounds are absolutely free and you can use them in commercial applications." You can download files in their original or zipped format.

Browse photos by category or use the search tool. Each category has sub-categories, which could have sub-categories of their own. The sub-category thumbnails display the title and the number of times viewed. Click the thumbnail to see a larger view. If you want the image, right-click on the image and save it.


Travel the world in pajamas with Ixuz Travel, which is dedicated to collecting photos from around the world. The site has a Korean version of its pages. Currently, the collection has over 2700 pictures sorted in 85 albums and 18 categories.


FreePhotosBank free stock photo gallery grants visitors with non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use these photographic images.


National Park Service (NPS) has over 9000 images available in the public domain for use, free of charge as long as you credit the photo as "NPS Photo" or "NPS Photo by (photographer's name)". The photos are specifically related to Yellowstone National Park covering animals, fire, geology, park structures, special events and more.


Picturestation is a joint project between Screengang and Distinct that has over 6000 photos in its collection. It's a photo exchange site in which photographers get two download credits for each contributed picture accepted into the collection.

Amazing Textures

Amazing Textures is a collection of images and textures for personal use only per the license agreement. Textures are a great way to enhance a site or picture.Images and textures are grouped into three main categories: nature, urban and other. Currently, there are over 600 available for downloading.

Tripod Image Gallery

Tripod Image Gallery from Lycos has over 10,000 images available for free. Images aren't limited to photos as they also have clip art and Web elements. Click on Image Index anytime to return to the Image Gallery home page to switch to the other image galleries.


Piotr.Pix is an image database of over 900 images taken by one person. They come in a resolution of 1600x1200 and you can download and use them as long as you follow the outlined rules shown on the home page. If you want to download the 1600x1200 images, you must register for a free account. As soon as you register, check the Control Panel and modify the settings to your preference. is a collection of photos sorted by basic colors instead of the usual categories. White, however, isn't white as it's a "everything else" category. You can also use the simple search tool to find photos. The home page displays the most recently submitted photos.

Stockcache Gallery

Stockcache Gallery offers a collection of free stock photography licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. It also has an associated blog provides updates on the gallery as well as news related to photography.

diwiesign studio stockphoto archive

diwiesign studio stock photo archive is a personal collection with over 500 images on dirt or industrial themes. All images are royalty free for personal and non-commercial use. Review the FAQ before downloading and the disclaimer (on the left side of the page).

Photo Repository

This site has a small and high quality free stock photo collection with close to 300 photos. Smaller sites may offer viewer photos, but they often have photos of objects, people and places you won't find anywhere else for free. The terms of service clearly explain how you can use these photos.

Design Packs

Design Packs provides high quality image collections for use in personal and commercial Web design projects. Each collection has 15 images sharing a common theme. According to the site, new collections are added on a monthly basis. The terms of use explain how you can use the photos. The FAQ offers more help on how you can use the images.

Google Image Search

While Google is best known for its search engine, it also has a separate search engine for searching for only images. The advantage of using its image search is that your results contain only images instead of everything. The important thing to understand in using this search is that the images come from all over the Web and there's no guarantee they're free or otherwise. In fact, the chances are they're not free, but it's another way to find hard-to-find images.

Yahoo! Image Search

Yahoo! Image Search is like Google's as it focuses on finding images only, which also includes clip art. It also has an Advanced Image Search tool so you can get more specific about what you want to receive in the results. Not only can you limit it to a specific domain, but also to top level domains such as .com only, .edu only and so on. Picture Search Picture Search is a picture search engine that finds images by the keywords you enter. Its advanced search tool lets you get more detailed about the results you want to get. The advanced search features words to include and exclude, location of the words, language, domain or site, geographical area and date modified. You can save the settings or restore the defaults.


picsearch is an image search engine that uses its own technology to crawl the Web and index the images. The Terms of Use says the images are protected by copyright. If you want to use any image found through picsearch, contact the webmaster or the copyright holder to get permission or it may be clearly stated on the Web site where you find the picture. This page also explains how you can prevent your pictures from being included in picsearch.

Unique database of creative license-free images.

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