Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages can improve your ROI from Pay Per Click Advertising

The creation of landing page is an important part of any Search Engine Marketing campaign. Landing page is the first thing your potential clients will see after clicking PPC advertisement offered by Google, Overture, etc. It is estimated that most users look at a landing page only 4-5 seconds before making the vital decision to leave, or request further information.

A good landing page is just as important as a good ad, good keywords and strategic bidding. By creating an effective landing page advertisers can increase conversions, which will make their campaigns more competitive and profitable. Your landing page must be specific to the ad that is sending traffic.

Boonze offers a unique and innovative approach to making sure the right landing page appears for exactly the right user every time. We bring years of experience in the specialized field of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bear upon the creation of dynamic landing pages for your website. We intend to generate measurable results. We will work with you to develop effective, affordable and appropriate landing page that will attract the right visitors and drive them to become valuable customers.

Landing Page Development Process

Positioning Analysis:

Involves getting an understanding of the landing page application, offering, point of differentiation and target customer.

Layout and Copywriting:

Employs a crack team of designers and copywriters to put all the graphical and editorial elements together. The end product is your optimized landing page.

Tracking and Testing:

Includes the implementation of tracking codes to monitor the success of your landing pages.

Landing pages are key to making the Web work for you.

Benefits of Landing Page

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