SEM Outsourcing in India

With 5 years of knowledge and experience in SEM industry, Boonze is an Indian company offering a complete Pay-Per-Click management solution for companies looking to outsource all their PPC advertising campaigns.

Outsourcing SEM, SEO services to India gives expectant benefits:

  • Increases overall profit of your company.
  • Saves time, cost and overhead.
  • Completion of project in time and within budget.
  • Benefit of skilled programmers, quality services and adequate infrastructure.

Boonze specializes in helping advertising agencies provide paid Search Engine Marketing services to their clients. Our extensive array of technology, resources, sophisticated bidding, tracking, ROI based approach to paid search allows us to provide our client with the finest search advertising services available in the industry.

If you are new to Search Engine Marketing, our team will design, implement and manage a comprehensive PPC bid management strategy based on your business model, marketing goals, and metrics for success.

Our Efficient Keyword Generation Process

The very first step to a successful Search Engine Marketing campaign is developing a comprehensive keyword list. Targeting the right key terms makes all the difference. We can help you identify key terms that are "on target" for your audience. Once we determine the most fertile key term concepts for your Web site we can help you aggressively pursue these areas. We have software tools and techniques for identifying good key phrases that will provide an additional volume of high conversion, low cost terms.

Creating Effective Ad Copy

Find the right message and you will find the right customer. Our creative approach to ad writing will help ensure that potential customers not only click on your ad, but also perform your desired action when they are at your site.

PPC Bid Management

The strength of your program is dependent not just on what key term you choose, but on the position you bid for it as well. At Overture, especially, there is a premium on being near the top, while avoiding overpaying for your clicks. Webmasters trying to manage large lists of terms themselves know that it is time consuming and ineffective. We have software tools that allow us to monitor and maintain position on large lists of key terms in an extremely cost effective manner. The result, again, is superior ROI.

Effective Landing Page Guidelines

Once a prospective customer clicks on your ad, the user is sent to a landing page. The design of this page can drastically affect the percentage of potential customers that sign up for your product.

  • Your landing page should be relevant to your keywords and ad texts.
  • Provide information without requiring users to register.
  • Build pages that provide substantial and useful information to the end-user.
  • You should have unique content (should not be similar or nearly identical in appearance to another site).

SEM Campaign Management

Our services are currently used by many successful companies, including one of the largest online yellow pages in the country, one of the largest online university in the country, one of the largest real estate agents, and various regional and local clients.

SEM Life Cyclesem outsourcing

Key Benefits

  • Improve Search Results
  • Track Online Marketing Results
  • Manage Pay Per Click Bids and Listings
  • Optimize Campaigns and Landing Pages

Key Facts will:

  • Increase website traffic and sales
  • Reach new customers
  • Reduce online marketing expenses
  • Spend less time managing keywords and bid updates/adjustments/scheduling.
  • Spend less time on tracking and administrative functions
  • Maximize ROI

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